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Tiling Courses Northwest

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"

Northwest Tiling Courses 2 Week Tiling Course.

Are you looking for a career in tiling, want to set up your own business or being made redundant and looking for a change of direction?
Tiling Courses Northwest offer a range of courses from 1 week starter courses through to a 6 week advanced course, which will incorporate bathroom and wet room installation.


All courses are delivered by time served; experience trades people who also have experience of running their own business.

2 Week Course

• Introduction to the course
• Health & Safety legislation and practicalities
• Measuring up, costing and providing quotes for jobs
• Tools required for Tiling
• Correct use of tools for each job
• Use Adhesives and Grouts
• How to cut Wall & Floor tiles (by hand, dry cutters, wet cutters)
• Correct Procedures of Setting out (Walls & Floor)
• Wall and Floor Preparation for Tiling
• Fixing of Wall Tiles to (Kitchen & Bathroom)
• Fixing of Floor Tiles (including cutting round WC and Pedestal)
• Application of Trims (Plastic and Metal)
• Application of Silicones
• Use of latexing to overcome uneven floors
• Demonstration of Wet Room Systems (Tanking)
• Coil and Mat Underfloor Heating
• Positive and negatives of being self-employed
• Certificate Presentation

Course Prices.

Course Course Price Deposit
1 week Beginners course £400 £100
2 week course £800 £150
4 week course £1600 £250
6 week Advanced course £2400 £350