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Tiling Courses Northwest

"Measure Twice, Cut Once"

How to Tile a Kitchen with Tiling Courses Northwest.

  • If you are an Accomplished Trades Person, Looking to get that competitive edge in this economic climate?
  • If you are looking to increase your portfolio of Trades Skills?
  • If you are a DIY enthusiast?


The task of tiling a Kitchen can be undertaken by any DIY enthusiast, with moderate success, But to complete it to a High standard is a whole different ball game.

Tiling a modern Kitchen is an important undertaking, as people will be utilising this room several times a day. How to tile a Kitchen by creating a high quality, pleasant surroundings for you and your customers to enjoy, can easily be archived with the right skills and knowledge.

How to Tile a Kitchen

Tiling Courses Northwest has this knowledge.
Our Trainers are all Professional trained, with years of commercial experience and craftsmanship in the Tiling trade.

We have designed our range of Training courses to give you exactly the right level of skills needed to undertake any size of project.

The step-by-step approach we adopt will ensure you understand each of the tools used, the properties of various materials and the techniques required to achieve a quality result.
You will also have learned about using cutting equipment and adhesive application trowels and the processes involved in keeping them in perfect condition.

We will work through the different types of tiles available. Which tools are needed and where to uses them. We will show you the Best methods to apply for the right task.
With all the trade experience our trainers have they will demonstrate which techniques work effectively and produce a timely  completion to any task.


Our Advanced 6 Week Training Courses will arm you with the best techniques, methods, and productive ways to complete that project.

These Courses are designed to give you the knowledge and work experience.